What NY Jets QB Sam Darnold Can Teach Us When Planning For Our Future

NY Jets QB Sam Darnold

A LifePreserve Short-Term Income Protection Insurance Policy covers both injuries and illnesses, but most people tend to focus on the injury portion of it, imaging something catastrophic. But, do not forget that several illnesses can keep you from working for multiple weeks.

Case and point, the New York Jets franchise QB, Sam Darnold, could miss his 3rd game due Mono. For Sam, it’s all good because his contract is guaranteed (to be fair he’s still suffering from Mono Sick Emoji, so it’s not ALL good). For someone without a guaranteed contract, missing four weeks of work (including the bye week in Sam’s case) accounts for:

  1. Two paychecks if you’re a full-time employee or
  2. Four weeks of pay if you’re a freelancer or work in the Gig-Economy

Hopefully, you’d have some paid sick time off or vacation time if you’re a fulltime employee, but there’s no guarantee on that and if you freelance then it’s all on you.

You might say, “Sure, but Darnold can’t return because of an enlarged spleen, I’d be able to go to work with that as long as I was feeling better” and to that, we say, correct! A lot of people could return to work when they aren’t feeling the effects of Mono, but the effects can last up to two months.

You may also say, “I’ve got money saved up, I’m good,” and to that, we say, awesome! If you can cover your expenses while you’re out and not getting paid, then it’s all good. But that’ll be money coming out of your savings which can leave a pretty nasty dent in your nest egg.

To go back to our post from earlier today, we’re not saying it’s GOING to happen to you, but it could, and that is the type of risk insurance covers, the risk of the unexpected. Income Protection Insurance helps protect you from not collecting an income when you’re sick or hurt and can’t work.

Now, let’s all hope that Sam is back on Sunday because the last couple of games have been BRUTAL! #longsufferingjetsfan

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