Regular Childbirth & Short-Term Disability Insurance – A Complicated Relationship

We get a lot of questions about pregnancy coverage in our Income Protection Insurance Policy. We’re specifically asked about coverage for regular childbirth most often. We hope this post provides some transparency into how we built and priced our Income Protection Insurance policy and individual policies in general.
We’ll write more about the in’s and out’s of our policy in future posts to help you learn about our products and Income Protection Insurance (aka Disability Insurance, aka Paycheck Insurance) in general
We built our Income Protection Insurance Policy to cover unexpected illness or injuries from the time you buy it Pregnancy is generally a planned decision made by two people with childbirth being a cause of the pregnancy. Not everyone’s situation is the same, but the ability to cover regular childbirth in an individual disability insurance policy is almost impossible because someone could buy a policy right when they are planning on trying to get pregnant.
Unexpected issues stemming from pregnancy like doctor-ordered bed rest could qualify you under the LifePreserve Income Protection Insurance policy, but it all depends on the situation.
No matter who you buy your policy through, a disability claims expert should be there to help guide you through the process. We’ll get into the claims process a little more in depth in a later post.
Some short-term disability group plans may provide benefits for regular childbirth, but there are usually terms and conditions around it so make sure to consult your policy, and insurance professional provided by your employer for full details and limitations.
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